Thursday, November 6, 2008

Newberry Brothers Studio Arrangement

I've heard of Newberry Brothers Floral before but the first time I saw them in action was at Nina & Gabe's Wedding. I was so impressed with the gorgeous centerpieces...and so was Nina :)

Today I drove over to Newberry Brothers in Cherry Creek to see where these amazing creations are born. It was a Thursday morning in November and the place was hoppin'! A cool & casual gentelman named Jake (although I for some reason thought his name was Paul and referred him that way about 5 times before he corrected me - whoops!) came and asked me if he could help me. I explained that I was part of an Open House in my building tomorrow night and wanted to decorate my studio with a fresh, fun floral arrangement. "I have pink walls, white billowing ceilings and an orchid..." I explained. "Alright, give me 20 minutes and I'll have something for you" the artist, Jake told me.

I drove down to Java Creek to kill some time as I anxiously awaited my new addition to the studio. I just love Cherry Creek North - classy, chill & cool all at the same time.

Jake helped me out to my car with the beautiful arrangement and shared with me that he loves to shoot too. In fact, by default, he is a published wedding photographer! Here's the story: At a large wedding furnished by Newberry Brothers, Jake took photos for his own pleasure but it turned out the photographer didn't capture the photos of the centerpieces (shame on them!). Jake to the rescue!!!! The magazine used Jake's photos for their article!

I'm looking forward to the next opportunity to work with this great company again - they are definitely on my Bridal Recommendation List :)

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