Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jamie & Sergio

I had the splendid pleasure of shooting Jamie & Sergio's wedding at the Vineyard Chapel on Saturday night. If you've ever driven down C-470 south of the Bowles exit, you've seen this cute little chapel peeking up on the east side of the highway. I was so excited when I found out we would be shooting there - I'd never been to the place but it's enchanting location (the sunset view is great!) has always made me curious. Their ceremony was at 5:30 so the timing was perfect for photos right around 6:30...

My favorite part of the wedding, besides the guests taking tequila shots every 10 minutes, was when Jamie, who doesn't speak spanish, recited her vows to Sergio in his native language. It was very touching, tears were flowing...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Rocky Mountain Bridal Show

On Sunday I went as a "Bride" to the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show. Wow, that place was PACKED! I got there around 1pm, after it had been open for 2 hours already. There were hundreds of brides-to-be milling around picking up pamphlets, brochures, cake samples...

I ran into my friends, Jennifer and Rich, with Candy Apple Photography (www.candyapplephotography.com). They have such an amazing energy - Jennifer is always smiling and upbeat while Rich is so cool and collected. They make the perfect team - good thing they're married :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

theknot.com Appreciation Party

Last night was theknot.com's Vendor Appreciation Party. I had never been inside Mile High Station (http://www.milehighstation.com/) before...very cool venue! I only recognized 2 faces at the whole party but I met so many fellow wedding business entrepeneurs. I had great conversations several photographers, event planners, invitation printers...it was so great to get their opinion of the knot, most of them have been with the knot for 2 years or more so that made me feel good about my investment. My ad will be published in The Knot Colorado magazine this fall and I will be up and running on the website in a couple weeks. Stay tuned for updates on my adventures with theknot.com!

In the meantime, check out these cool wedding vendors I met last night:

http://www.luckyonion.com/ - wedding invitations, etc.

http://www.patrickkramerphoto.com/ - wedding photographer

Monday, August 20, 2007

Online Gallery Transition

So I made the official transition from "Digital Events Online" to "Instaproofs" on Saturday evening. After dealing with several technical difficulties with "DEO" I took the referral from my friend Adam Welch to try out "Instaproofs". So far so good! Check out some of the events I have posted to instaproofs:


This past weekend was PACKED with shooting. I didn't get to work with Joe and Declan (two VERY attractive friends of mine who were passing through Denver on their way to NYC) on Saturday night like I wanted to...the shoot will just have to wait until I come to New York! I shot two weddings and some wonderful family portraits...stay tuned for photos.

Also, check out my friend Charlotte Geary's flickr page. She did a Trash The Dress and the portraits turned out GORGEOUS!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fellow Wedding Photographer

I sat down and had a cup of coffee with fellow wedding photojournalist Adam Welch yesterday evening....actually, I had juice and he had coffee. This was the first time we met and we dicsovered that Adam and I have a lot in common. We both graduated from CU Boulder, were the same age, we both have had our own busienss for about 4 years but the bizarre thing is that we've never run into eachother before. After chatting and sharing for an hour, it was apparent that we ran in two different circles of wedding photographers - the fishbowl just got a lot bigger. I first heard about Adam through a couple he shot last summer - Erika & Steve. I bought their condo in April and admired their wedding photographs they hung on the wall. Erika GLOWED whenever she spoke of Adam, my thoughts were "Whoa, I gotta meet this guy." I didn't contact Adam until I noticed his profile on http://www.wpja.com/ (Wedding Photojournalist Association) and then there was an "Oh yeah! That guy!" in my head. I'm so glad to have met him and I really look forward to getting to know him and hopefully collaborate with him...check out his site: http://adamwelch.net/

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jennifer's Portraits

Jennifer (formally Mrs. Condreay when she was my High School Theater Teacher) invited me over to her home to take portraits of her yesterday. We had a great time shooting a headshot for her promotional material at her new company. After about 45 minutes of shooting, the two of us had the opportunity to sit down for a bit and catch up. This woman is such an amazing part of my life. I am so grateful to still be in such close contact with her over all these years.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Chris & Bianca's Album

I just finished the first set of proofs for Chris & Bianca's wedding album. There are (24) 10"x 10" pages that make 20" wide spreads. It's always fun to relive the memories of a great wedding. These pages were easy to compose because there were so many great moments for me to capture at their wedding...I hope they like 'em!

Trampoline Fun!

While Emma was getting ready for the big shoot, Keifer and I decided my camera needed a little warming up...so we played on their trampoline. I couldn't stop giggling while I bounced up and down. WOW! That was fun!

Baby Emma

Since my friend Keifer was in town from New York City, I was lucky enough to meet his new niece and take her photos yesterday. Emma was born just after 4th of July and she is a beautiful 4+ week old litle girl. Her parents, Tasha and Chris, have a new home with plenty of room so we took pictures there. I couldn't stop cooing and smiling while I held this precious little sweetie...I love my job!

Meese Rocks!!!

Meese played at the Bluebird last Friday and my friend Nate (lead guitar) was so awesome and got me a photo pass. They rocked the house - best show I've seen yet! I'm so excited to see Meese make it big time. Check them out at: http://www.myspace.com/meesemusic

Anna & Geoff

I got to spend Saturday evening with some of the most fun people in Colorado Springs! Anna & Geoff were married at St. Katherine's Cathedral and partied at Anna's Parents' home well into the night. As I left at 11:00pm I could hear "Groove is in the Heart" blaring away from their front yard, which was converted into the dance floor. I've only done my first edits on their photos so this is just a spattering of my faves. I'm sure there will be more to come. Thanks to Anna & Geoff and all their guests - what a blast!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

New lense Fun

I bought a new 50mm 1.8 lense and finally had the opportunity to use it last night. Scott, Bre and I had a fun time hanging out. Bre just moved into a Penthouse in downtown Denver so she showed us her place and we spent some time on the balcony just as the sun was setting - it was GORGEOUS!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Baby Elliot and Awesome Janee!

Tonight was a BLAST! Janee came over and brought along her handsome little fellow, Elliot.

Of course, he was a shy little man at first but it wasn't long before he was entranced by my bright flash...Maybe the motor boats I did on his belly helped loosen him up too :)

Janee and I enjoyed some delicious Shiraz from South Africa and scrumptious cheesey garlic bread...mmmm...good thing blogs don't have smell, my breath is kickin'!

Check out the pics to see the fun we had!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Colorado Springs Coffee Talk

Last week my dear friend Angie (http://www.angieschmitz.com/) shared an awesome website with me; http://www.wpja.com/ = Wedding Photojournalist Association. On this site I found a list of ELITE Colorado wedding photographers, including Brad Walters and Charlotte Geary.

After shooting Brad a quick email complimenting him on his gorgeous portfolio (http://www.bradwaltersphoto.com/) he replied with an invitation to have coffee and "talk shop". I met up with Brad & his wife Sarah, the fabulous team behind Brad Walters Photography, and Charlotte Geary and Mike Pritchard; the charming couple behind Charlotte Geary Photography (http://www.charlottegeary.com/). They let me pick their brains and shared some amazing personal insight into the world of wedding photography. The experience was priceless and I am so grateful to have met such open, professional, inspirational people! I'm really looking forward to building relationships and working with them! Yea Wedding Photographers!!!

Baby Naomi

Yesterday included one of my favorite shoots ever! Rachel and Jeff let me take pictures of their sweet, little, 4 week old baby girl, Naomi. I enjoyed my 60 minutes with her so much...she was patient, calm and sleepy :) Thankfully, Mom & Dad were on the sidelines gently tickling her in the effort to make her smile but she was more interested in sleeping. I'm excited to take more pictures of her sweet face as she grows up. I'm even more excited to start doing more Childern Photography.

I've been so lucky to photograph some very momentous times in the Almond family's life - Thank you Rachel and Jeff!