Monday, August 13, 2007

Baby Emma

Since my friend Keifer was in town from New York City, I was lucky enough to meet his new niece and take her photos yesterday. Emma was born just after 4th of July and she is a beautiful 4+ week old litle girl. Her parents, Tasha and Chris, have a new home with plenty of room so we took pictures there. I couldn't stop cooing and smiling while I held this precious little sweetie...I love my job!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE these shots. You are a badass, Kellie and that is one CUTE kid!

Elizabeth said...

Yay babies! What a fun job you have! And the pics, as always, look fantastic!

Laura said...

Bell! The blogs are great and the pictures - wow wee. Diggin the black background on these awesome pics. I love having a way to see what you're up to. Keep it up Piglet. Lu