Monday, July 16, 2007

Steph & Devon, Sarah & Dave

This past Saturday was a day of weddings! The day started with Steph & Devon's wedding at 10:00 up at Robin's Nest in Golden. The weather was warm and sunny but luckily the gazebo in the backyard provided some shade for pictures.

Both the Bride & Groom's families were incredibley nice and boy did they know how to shake it on the dance floor! The last two hours of their reception passed by so quickly - time flies when you're having fun :)

After shooting their wedding, I attened the reception of my dear friends Sarah and Dave. Their backyard was beautifully decorated and filled with all their loved ones. I got there just in time to enjoy some delicious BBQ and to hear all the thoughtful toasts to Sarah & Dave's life together. Once again, thank goodness for the shade - the sun was beating down on us, but it didn't stop us from laughing and having a good time. Thank you Sarah & Dave for such a wonderful celebration!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Other Side of the Camera

This past weekend I traveled to upstate New York (Hurley, NY) to be in my best friend's wedding. It was a real eye opener to be on the other side of the camera. Of course I couldn't help myself and I took several pictures and helped the wedding photographer out whenever I could ;)

Julia and Zach amazed me with their gorgeous ceremony and the venue they chose was so wonderful. If ever you need a venue in upstate New York, Twin Lakes Resort in Hurley is the place to go! Not only is the staff warm and helpful at all hours but the scenery and facilities will blow you away! The lush green forrests, the crisp nights with bonfires, and the clean, cool cabins all made the weekend incredibley memorable. Thank you Twin Lakes! And thank you Julia & Zach - Congratulations!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Website Updates / Don & Jackie

With all the wonderful suggestions and critiques from my friends and family, I've updated the website. I've added a lot more pictures and fine tuned a couple little features. Thanks everyone for your wonderful compliments and all your support!!!

I had a wonderful time shooting Don & Jackie's wedding last night. I loved their theme of "words". Their love for eachother was shining the whole day. The Pines at Genessee definitely live up to their stellar reputation. Not only is the view from the venue amazing but their staff is so warm and helpful.