Monday, August 20, 2007

Online Gallery Transition

So I made the official transition from "Digital Events Online" to "Instaproofs" on Saturday evening. After dealing with several technical difficulties with "DEO" I took the referral from my friend Adam Welch to try out "Instaproofs". So far so good! Check out some of the events I have posted to instaproofs:

This past weekend was PACKED with shooting. I didn't get to work with Joe and Declan (two VERY attractive friends of mine who were passing through Denver on their way to NYC) on Saturday night like I wanted to...the shoot will just have to wait until I come to New York! I shot two weddings and some wonderful family portraits...stay tuned for photos.

Also, check out my friend Charlotte Geary's flickr page. She did a Trash The Dress and the portraits turned out GORGEOUS!

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Charlotte said...

Aw, thanks, Kellie! I'm so glad you liked them!