Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fellow Wedding Photographer

I sat down and had a cup of coffee with fellow wedding photojournalist Adam Welch yesterday evening....actually, I had juice and he had coffee. This was the first time we met and we dicsovered that Adam and I have a lot in common. We both graduated from CU Boulder, were the same age, we both have had our own busienss for about 4 years but the bizarre thing is that we've never run into eachother before. After chatting and sharing for an hour, it was apparent that we ran in two different circles of wedding photographers - the fishbowl just got a lot bigger. I first heard about Adam through a couple he shot last summer - Erika & Steve. I bought their condo in April and admired their wedding photographs they hung on the wall. Erika GLOWED whenever she spoke of Adam, my thoughts were "Whoa, I gotta meet this guy." I didn't contact Adam until I noticed his profile on (Wedding Photojournalist Association) and then there was an "Oh yeah! That guy!" in my head. I'm so glad to have met him and I really look forward to getting to know him and hopefully collaborate with him...check out his site:

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