Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jamie & Jessika E-Shoot

"I would rather have a Summer theme to our shots than an autumn theme" said Jessika when we talked about her and Jamie's Engagement shoot...We planned on shooting indoors at my studio just incase the weather on November 1st was cold, wet and unpleasant.But HA! The day after Halloween was absolutely GORGEOUS! We headed over to Riverfront Park...
We dressed in our short sleeves and sipped cold water during out 70+ degree shoot commenting "It feels like June out here!"
*Note about the above shot* Jamie was a little weary of sitting on the tracks "do trains go on here?"...I confidently replied "I've shot here before and we've been fine"
Well, not 3 shots in and a Light Rail Train comes buzzing around the corner! We jumped up and ran for it. I was laughing but the train driver shook his head and shamed me...That didn't stop us from grabbing a couple more shots ;)

I can't wait to spend July 4th with these two AWESOME and fun love birds next summer!

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