Monday, December 1, 2008

That moment towards the end of the shoot...

I'm going through all my images from this past year to make a "Best of 2008" slideshow (...stay tuned...) and I came across this wondeful image:

This is from Christen & Joel's Engagement Portraits that we did up in Golden Gate Canyon State Park. We had been shooting for at least an hour at this point and this is my favorite time during the shoot. It's not uncommon that after a while of shooting, the couple gets relaxed and is having a lot of fun showing their love for eachother in front of the camera. In this photo in particular, you can tell that Christen & Joel are lovey-dovey AND their two bodies make a heart shape! (can you see it?!?!)

Ryan and I are SUPER excited to shoot up in Keystone next July - it's gonna be LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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