Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shiya & Jason

A couple weeks ago I received a phone call from a fellow photographer, Rebecca Bonner at about 1:00 pm. "Hi Kellie, it's Rebecca Bonner. We met at the PUG Meeting a few months ago..." I immediately recognized Rebecca's kind and articulate voice. Her pleasent smile popped into my head :) Her second shooter for that evening's wedding had gone to the hospital and she needed some help. The wedding was in just a couple hours...luckily, it was the day after the Pictage Partner Confernce in LA so I only made plans with my couch that night.
Shiya & Jason were married at the Botanic Gardens with a dramatic sky and a few sprinkles here and there. It is near to impossible to get a bad background in the Botanic Gardens. We were super lucky - everything was freshly watered from the recent rain.

The reception was at the beautiful Magnolia Hotel right downtown. I was only at the reception for about an hour but I had the opportunity to steal Shiya away and grab a few shots of her and those sassy red heels.

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Mr.Wall said...

cool blog i like the way you spell your name with an ie too lol